Stone Arch Glass Studio is a Minneapolis based glass blowing studio where I was hired August of 2020 as their full time graphic designer. my position has entailed creating advertising, packaging & displays, product photography, modeling, stickers, flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials. the studio's brand of glass is "Minnesota Legit" and is affiliated with The Hideaway, where many of my designs and projects are being sold, among other stores locally throughout Midwest. 
Minnesota Legit's largest line of disposable electronic cigarettes
promotional stickers for our brand "Minnesota Legit."
the first vinyl wrap I had the pleasure of designing.
packaging for a disposable Delta 10 vaporizer.
packaging for disposable electric cigarettes 
packaging for Delta 8
the first packaging project I was given, a wax pen.
packaging design for a battery and accessories. 
packaging design for a battery and accessories.
packaging for CBD flower
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